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Our democracy is only as strong as the participation of the people. Do your representatives only hear from you once every two or four years, assuming you vote at all? There are members of Congress who publicly bemoan the fact that they don't hear from more of their constituents more often. Our leaders are our generals in the political arena, but we are their troops. They can't do battle for us against opposing interests without being able to demonstrate our ongoing support. The P.E.N. is constructed to facilitate communication with our elected officials. By your participation you can establish that you are a voter who will call your government to account at each successive election. Your views do count. They will be heard. And most importantly, when you cast your votes in the section above, be sure to use the ground-breaking input functions of our website to also submit the email addresses of everyone you know. In this way we can together mobilize the entire country to speak in the loudest possible voice.

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